Estelle Linney - Counselling and Eco-therapy


I also have a deep belief in the healing power of connecting with nature and how this benefits mental health and general wellbeing. Together with traditional counselling, I offer a relatively new approach to counselling which embraces eco-therapy sessions. Should this be of interest, we could explore this further during your initial counselling sessions.

So, what is EcoTherapy?

There are many approaches to counselling and more recently there is a growing awareness and interest in the nature-based therapeutic approach of ‘eco-therapy’. This is described by MIND (2018) as ‘a formal type of therapeutic treatment which involves doing outdoor activities in nature, led by trained professionals and therapists who are there to support you ’.

EcoTherapy is being recognised and acknowledged as an approach that creates greater health and wellbeing and connecting with nature in this way can have lots of positive health benefits. For example, ecotherapy can help you manage an existing mental health problem, and could help prevent future periods of ill health, such as an episode of depression. EcoTherapy can be used on its own, or alongside other treatments such as talking treatments or medication.

The word ‘eco-therapy’ may sound like something cloaked in myth and legend, shrouded by custom and ceremony, but actually in reality, it is founded on common sense and experiences that individuals can relate to.

Eco-therapy means ‘restoring and developing wellbeing through connection with nature’. From the feelings of wonderment associated with the sun on your face or experiencing an extraordinary sunrise or sunset, to the contentment we observe in children after a hard day playing in the forest or exploring the rockpools on the beach, to the sense that pondering about a problem while taking a walk can be helpful: these are some examples of the beneficial influence of nature.

In its strictest sense, a formal eco-therapy programme is where a trained therapist helps and supports you to develop a balanced relationship with nature that benefits your wellbeing.

  • Sessions can be adapted to suit different levels of mobility and fitness.
  • Sessions include person-centred counselling as a walking/talking approach.

I have many years of working within the field of ecology and conservation, within schools and for individuals with special needs. I now bring reconnecting with nature into my practice and offer this approach to therapy for those who are feeling disconnected with life in general. I continue to work within ecology and conservation alongside my counselling practice.Estelle is a great believer in nature being the “therapeutic first” and continuously explores ways to embrace nature in her therapeutic work, both indoors and outdoors.

If you feel this approach to therapy would help and support you with any emotional problems you are experiencing, then please contact the clinic for more information.